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Carrollton Texas will be featured at a national conference.

The city of Carrollton Texas’ innovative approach to aligning private sector high-tech resources with city government operations is resulting in an opportunity to showcase its efforts at one of the leading-edge conferences in the country. The Innovation Groups’ annual Transforming Local Government (TLG) conference is scheduled for June 2004 in Reno, NV.

The Carrollton Texas Business Ventures Program has been selected because it redefines the conventional style of local governance. This program explores new technology resources and assists in the development of these products for municipal uses. These products are helping Carrollton reach the fundamental goal of improving the speed, value and quality of services to the community while saving tax dollars.

"The pace of new challenges in city government and the price tags for their solutions are picking up speed," said Carrollton Texas City Manager Leonard Martin. "I’m excited about sharing the innovations that are transforming our city government. By aligning private businesses’ resources with city business needs, our organization is rapidly becoming more efficient." Martin also stated that increased employee productivity and reduced expenses will help ensure future sustainability.

The city of Carrollton Texas was selected because it:

  • Represents outstanding innovation in local government

  • Possesses exceptional ideas and results that reinforce a commitment to excellence

  • Provides applicable concepts to a variety of communities

  • Exhibits leadership and measures performance

  • Follows a long-range plan to implement its vision

  • Applies exceptional team building and customer service standards.

    The national TLG conference will feature the city of Carrollton Texas’ Business Ventures Program for other municipalities interested in enhancing their operational efficiencies by taking advantage of innovative technologies.

    - contains information from the City of Carrollton Texas

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